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Running: how to prepare for a 10km race?

Preparing for a 10km race cannot be improvised, even if this challenge is within the grasp of sportsmen and women after only a few months of running. Alternate between endurance and split workout while maintaining a healthy lifestyle during a physical preparation phase lasting 4 to 8 weeks. To make rapid progress while having fun, train on a treadmill with iFit® solutions.

10k race: physical preparation with 3 questions


For your first 10km race, create a preparation plan worthy of the best athletes, with a customised training schedule spread over 4 to 8 weeks.

How many running sessions should I do per week to prepare for a 10km race?

To prepare for a 10km race, plan 3 running sessions per week alternating with rest days. When you are not running, you can take part in muscle strengthening and stretching sessions as well as other cardio activities. In any case, take a complete break at least one day a week to recover and stay in shape.

Why include workout split in a training plan for 10km?

Including split workouts in running sessions is a must to be able to run longer. By alternating relatively intense running sessions and recovery periods, this technique will offer several advantages:

  • Effectively improve cardio-respiratory capacity without causing fatigue.
  • Training to release energy quickly and gaining speed.
  • To accustom the body to properly oxygenate and to get increasingly less out of breath.
  • Learn to run at the MAS, maximum aerobic speed, i.e. the lowest possible running speed at which the body can take in the maximum oxygen.

Which mistakes should be avoided in order to complete a 10km race?

To be able to run 10km without a break, a few mistakes need to be avoided:

  • Neglecting your diet: following a balanced diet is the key to good sports performance.
  • Not getting enough rest: sleep is essential to recovery, so if possible, sleep about 8 hours per night.
  • Do not warm up or stretch after the race: be well prepared to avoid aches and limit the risk of injury.
  • Wanting to go beyond your capabilities: listen to your body, without forgetting that your goal is to finish the race and ultimately have fun.

Your training plan for running 10km


To be well-prepared for the big day, plan a progressive training schedule to take advantage of each session before the race.

A preparation plan for 10k special beginner runners

The preparation plan for a beginner runner takes about 4 to 8 weeks for a 10km race. The earlier you start, the better your chances of success! For the first week, choose a running distance you are comfortable with. At each session, gradually increase the distance covered, without hesitating to go back after 1 or 2 days of rest.

For at least one session per week, run in split sessions, for example, alternating 3 minutes of running at 80 or 90% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) with 3 minutes of active recovery. Plan your training schedule in advance according to your progress.

NordicTrack’s 5 tips for a successful 10km race

Thanks to the following 5 NordicTrack tips, you will have all the necessary information to succeed in your 10km race:

  • Get well equipped: to choose the right running shoes, see our article on this subject.
  • Study the route: nature of the terrain, the slope…, every detail has its importance. Don’t hesitate to use Google Maps to find the route.
  • Create a race plan including warm-up, running and walking sessions.
  • Always follow your own pace, without letting yourself get thrown off pace by other runners: everyone has their own race rhythm.
  • Enjoy your run!

Training at home for a 10km race


To train without time pressure and in utmost comfort, consider running on a treadmill at home. With a top-quality device connected to the iFit® coaching solutions and offering a wide variety of exercises, make your training session effective and enjoyable.

Your home fitness training on a treadmill

NordicTrack offers a wide range of high-end treadmills equipped with the latest technology. From the S series, which is ideal for beginners, to the Commercial series combining design and high performance, and the Incline Trainer treadmills, enjoy the best of home fitness equipment for your 10km race preparation.

If you’re new to treadmills, you’ll probably want to focus on the screen, which displays a lot of data. Just stand upright without holding on to the handles and look ahead, you will quickly find your footing! You can find more tips in our article on the best ways to start on a treadmill.

Your Secret Weapon: iFit® Virtual Coaching Application

Each NordicTrack device is compatible with iFit® applications, the connected virtual coaching solutions that are ideal for preparing for a race:

  • Schedule your sessions in advance by choosing from a vast library of online courses.
  • Keep track of your run thanks to iFit® and Google Maps compatibility: the treadmill adjusts to the slope of the terrain as though you’re running in real-life conditions.
  • Participate in virtual classes led by coaches and train in dream settings.

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