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One-Pot Meals: 9 Simple and Healthy Recipes

The one-pot meal is an appealing and practical idea: make a single dish quickly by incorporating all the ingredients in the same container. Discover a selection of 9 healthy, tasty and balanced recipes adapted to different objectives: time-saving, protein-rich recipes, light menus for the evening and more.

One-Pot Meals for an Express Lunch

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For a brief lunch break, a one-pot meal is ideal: prepare a single balanced dish in less than 25 minutes! By cooking all the ingredients in the same pan, the flavours blend with no need for seasoning or sauce. As well as saving time, you also have less washing up to do! Here are 3 quick recipe ideas for eating well at lunchtime:

  • One-pot pasta chicken and vegetables: this brightly-coloured dish contains chicken breast, onions, aromatic herbs (basil, parsley, thyme and others), tomato purée (or fresh tomatoes), courgettes, peppers and a drizzle of olive oil. When out of season, don’t hesitate to use frozen vegetables.
  • One-pot rice, paella inspiration: prepare an express paella with rice, turmeric, vegetable stock, a touch of saffron or a special paella spice mix, peas, sliced chorizo, turkey breast, peppers, small strips of squid and an onion.
  • One-pot pasta with tuna and capers: this dish consists of pasta, fresh or tinned tuna, thinly sliced onion, capers, lemon slices and garlic. Before serving, add parmesan cheese. Do not add salt, as the parmesan is very salty.

One-Pot Meals for the Evening

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In the evening, opt for a lighter dish to help you sleep well. If you have already eaten a portion of meat or fish at lunchtime, you can skip it at dinner. It’s easy to cut down on meat with a one-pot meal: instead of a whole fillet, a few bite-sized pieces are enough. Here are some ideas for a quick and balanced dinner:

  • One-pot pasta spinach and bacon: pasta, spinach leaves (fresh is better than frozen), tomatoes, small bacon strips, a few button mushrooms, chopped onion and a stock cube (a quarter is enough for one serving), and you have a quick and easy meal for the evening!
  • One-pot pasta with shrimps and Brussels sprouts: with pasta, some prawns, Brussels sprouts cut into halves, sliced onions, olive oil, a little grated cheese and light cream, you have an original meal for dinner!
  • One-pot dahl: sweet potatoes, red lentils, quinoa, coconut cream, curry paste, ginger, and a dash of lime; here are the ingredients for a veggie meal with exotic flavours! Check out our article dedicated to veggie versions of one-pot meals to find other recipes.

Protein-Rich One-Pot Meals for Athletes

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These 3 alternatives will allow you to swap rice and pasta to maximize the amount of protein in your meals:

  • One-pot quinoa chilli con Carne: tomatoes, chilli spices and minced beef are added to a quinoa base for a protein-rich gourmet meal. You can finish it off with a touch of cheese.
  • One-pot oats: for an original meal rich in protein, try salted oatmeal with onions, garlic, diced ham, mushrooms, a little oil and oat flakes. The finishing touch? A little fresh spring onion.
  • One-pot risotto: mix Arborio rice, chopped onions, oil, vegetable stock and peas (rich in protein). After cooking, add diced bocconcini, grated parmesan and a few pieces of Parma ham. Welcome to Italy!

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