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No Time to Search? Your Turnkey Workouts, Sorted by Goals

Would you like to find targeted workouts to reach your goals but don’t have time to look for ideas? With a suggested fitness machine for each goal, associated iFit® programmes and suggestions for bodyweight workouts without equipment, all you have to do is get dressed!

Sculpt Your Figure and Get Back in Shape

sculpter sa silhouette

If you want to return to sport after a long period of inactivity, for example, after a pregnancy or an injury, the elliptical trainer is an ideal piece of equipment. It is suitable for all sportsmen and women, whatever their level, and does not cause any impact on the joints. Here are your turnkey fitness programmes to get back in shape and exercise without equipment to reshape your figure and train at your own pace:

  • Your equipment: the FreeStride Trainer FS9i, a 3-in-1 fitness machine that combines the movements of the treadmill, both step and elliptical. You can intensify your efforts and burn more calories by using its -10 to 10° inclinable ramp.
  • Your iFit® programmes:
    • To get started: Get Started – Elliptical. Visit 10 cities around the world with an average of 2 km per session.
    • To lose weight and sculpt your figure: Elliptical Weight Loss Over 4 weeks. Challenge yourself with this progressive programme, including interval work, incline work and 14 speed sessions of about 30 minutes each, staged in Paris, Mexico City and Boston? For the next month, you don’t have to look for workout ideas!
    • To get away from it all: Tropical Destinations – 12 sessions in dreamy settings on islands in the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer.
  • Your strength training sessions without equipment on iFit® Daily:
    • Fit in 15: 20 quick 15-minute sessions without equipment.
    • Bikini Blitz: prepare your summer body.
    • Fit Mommies: get back into sport and regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

Objective Endurance and Cardio

commercial x11i nordictrack

There is no shortage of fitness equipment for working on endurance and cardio: rowing machines, bicycles, treadmills, etc. Let’s choose a treadmill to offer you a selection of ready-to-use workouts to improve your endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system, help you stay healthy and push you to your limits without forgetting to have fun:

  • Your equipment: the Incline Trainer Commercial X11i. This treadmill can incline up to 40% and also allows you to work on running downhill to -6%. Intensify your workouts and track the terrain you run on as if you were there, thanks to Google Maps™ technology. You will be able to follow the sessions of your iFit® coaches easily on its integrated 10-inch screen.
  • Your iFit® programmes:
    • To experience the thrill of the trail without leaving your living room: Trail Running, with 3 weeks of itineraries on the most beautiful trails in Europe and North America.
    • To test the world’s most popular 5,000-metre circuits: Famous 5Ks.
    • For the more adventurous: 7 Insane Intervals – 7 short but really intense split sessions that will definitely activate your cardio!
  • Your sessions without equipment on iFit® Daily:
    • Skipping alternated with running: skipping rope sets.
    • Killer Cardio & Core to combine cardio and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, buttocks and lumbar region and become even better at running!
    • HIIT: perfect to complement your endurance sessions, this high-intensity interval training programme will get you going!

Strength Gain and Muscular Reinforcement

fusion cst nordictrack

For strength training at home, there are innovative solutions, such as the Fusion CST, a cable-based machine that allows you to perform most of the pulling and strength training movements that you would do at the gym. The iFit® library has videos specifically dedicated to the use of this fitness machine, an example of which is below:

  • Your equipment: The Fusion CST
  • Your iFit® session:
    • Full-Body Cardio and Strength: This workout is designed to engage the entire body, combining cardio and strength work with a variety of movements and exercises for each of the targeted muscles. This 24-minute workout works in circuits, with intervals of 20 seconds of effort for every 10 seconds of activity.
  • Your sessions without equipment on iFit® Daily:
    • Beginner Strength Training, to learn basic strength training exercises, using kettlebells, a fitness ball and dumbbells for some movements.
    • The 3 series Ultimate Abs, Ultimate Arms and Ultimate Booty & Legs to strengthen the muscle groups of your choice!

How about you? What will you start with this week?

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