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Mind & Body on iFIT, elevating mind and body with top athletes

To help you become better every day, iFIT offers a variety of content developed by world-class athletes, which integrate physical and mental strength. Visualisation, resilience, concentration, emotional management; no aspect of sports performance is left to chance. Discover the most outstanding series that combines body and mind.

Combining body and mind to attain performance

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You know the iFIT training programmes, the iFIT Mind series will take you even further in understanding the links between body and mind. Doctors, physical and mental health specialists,
nutritionists; the iFIT coaching team is made up of top athletes, and also professionals who work with
them on a daily basis. Unlock your potential and learn from legendary athletes by following these exciting programmes:
● The mind of an athlete – sports psychologist and iFIT coach, Dr Jarrod Spencer accompanies
you on 6 talk walks, during which you will discover the mental health problems top athletes
can face during their career: anxiety, anger, depression… These walks are punctuated by anecdotes about well-known sportsmen and women, such as Tiger Woods and Serena
● Mood food, nutrition and mindfulness – discover the close connection between nutrition and
mindfulness with the advice of nutritionist and iFIT coach, Dr Eva Selhub. In 12 sessions with
hands-on workshops and tasty recipes, you’ll learn, for example, why the gut is called the 2nd brain, with fascinating insights into the relationship between nutrition and emotions.
Your meals will never be the same again since they’ll be prepared and cooked with full awareness!

Coaches selected from among the greatest athletes

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You deserve the best. To accompany you, iFIT has surrounded itself with inspiring coaches, athletes or former athletes, winners of Olympic or Paralympic games, record holders and world champions.
They have all experienced great moments, overcome difficulties, seen their dreams come true and
their efforts bear fruit. Without dissociating physical and mental aspects, they share their experiences with you:
● Heart to Heart – a unique face-to-face meeting to get to know your iFIT coaches better. In
these 2 series of several sessions, your trainers open up about themselves. While walking on your treadmill, discover what made your trainers the people they are today. You’ll appreciate
their advice even more when you hear about the challenges they faced.

● Cycling Without Limits – follow Brandon Lyons, a Paralympic cyclist, to get a boost of
optimism in this 6-session cycling series. Your iFIT coach details how he became a para cyclist after an accident that affected his spinal cord. He enthusiastically shares how cycling at an
elite level has changed his life, giving tips on resilience and mindfulness. These workouts will
give you the strength to face every challenge, both on your bike and in your daily life!

Strengthen your mind while practising a physical activity

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With iFIT and NordicTrack, you train on your own equipment: treadmill, bike, elliptical, rowing machine, etc. This series will talk to you about all aspects of your practice, in real life, with coaches who are experts in their field:
● Mind and Body Challenge: Mindful Rowing – through 8 rowing sessions combining studio
training and wilderness courses filmed in beautiful landscapes, follow coaches Mary Whipple,
Gideon Akande and Susan Francia on a journey that will leave a lasting impression. Learn to visualise victory and push yourself to the limit with content that focuses on both mental and
physical strength.
● Climb to the top – with 17 Tour de France appearances and 5 Olympic victories, cyclist George Hincapie knows what he’s talking about when he offers to take you to the top!
During your ascent in Hawaii, experience mindful cycling and learn about the challenges that made your coach a champion. Resilience, mental strength and determination are the focus of
this 6-part series that will elevate your body and mind.
● It takes what it takes – Trevor Moawad tackles mental conditioning in this feel-good series! How do you make tough decisions, achieve your goals, become aware of yourself, your value
and your possibilities? This is what awaits you in a 6-part journey of initiation, where you will walk through iconic Californian nature.

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