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iFit Help: How Do I Get Started With iFit

So, you’ve decided to embark on your fitness journey with iFit®, an extraordinary fitness tracking program, but where do you get started? Have no fear! We’re here to help you.

Follow these steps in setting up your iFit membership, and start getting fit!

Step 1: Download iFit app on your device.

Go to the App Store® or Google Play™ and download the iFit app.

App image looks like this:

iFit App logo – NordicTrack

iFit App logo – NordicTrack

Step 2: Log into your iFit account.

If you’re new to iFit, simply follow the steps to create an account. And if you already have an account, login with your Facebook, and email information.

Step 3: Create a profile.

For new members, you’ll be asked basic information like your measurements, fitness goals, and pricing, etc. If you’re already a member, the system should already be programmed with your information that you had previously filled out; therefore, you will just need to verify. Your information is privately yours and can be referred back to whenever you’d like.

Step 4: Connect your wearable.

Once you have finished setting up your profile, it will ask you to connect your wearable. Should  you have any issues, enter “Get to know your device: (device name)” in the search tab and an article should appear. This should take you to an an article that will have instructions to connect your device.

Step 5: Set up your alerts.

You can customize your wearable alerts when setting up your device or skip to update at a later date in your app settings.

Step 6: Define your fitness goals.

A personalized fitness program will be created for you based upon your goals. Simply answer the series of questions which will determine your specific program.

From there, you have access to your Today’s Plan where you will find your goals, what you’ve done, and how far you have left to go. Easy as that!

Keeping track of your fitness progress doesn’t have to be hard, and iFit makes it easy for you to stay accountable.

For further iFit support, please see here!

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