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Gymnastics for the face: anti-wrinkle tips and exercises

You might exercise regularly already by working different muscle groups to maintain a toned figure and to stay in shape, but have you ever thought about doing gymnastic exercises for the face? As a gentle alternative to cosmetic surgery and cosmetics, facial exercises that strengthen the face have preventative, anti-wrinkle effects.

Why exercise the muscles of the face?

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Facial gymnastics consists of giving the facial muscles a workout. This method provides many advantages in combating sagging skin and the signs of ageing.

The different muscles of the face

Located just under the skin and numbering about 50, the face’s muscles produce facial expressions linked to emotions: joy, sadness, anger, stress, relaxation and so on… Just to smile, about twenty individual muscles are used. The exercise of some facial muscles are of particular interest in delaying the onset of the signs of ageing:

  • Parts of the forehead, between the eyebrows, by the lips or around the nasolabial folds are the most likely places to show expression lines.
  • The orbicularis oculi is a muscle of the eye that controls the eyelids: exercising it helps reduce age-related sagging and to lessen dark circles and swelling by activating localised blood micro-circulation.
  • Connecting the two jaws, the masseter muscle tends to relax with age. It is used strongly when we chew.
  • The platysma muscle is located at the front of the neck, so don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your anti-wrinkle exercise routine for the face. The neck area is sensitive to sagging skin and simple exercises can help maintain skin elasticity for longer.

The benefits of doing facial gymnastics

With age, tobacco or alcohol use, as well as hormonal changes such as the menopause, both muscle fibres and skin tissue relax. Doing gymnastic facial exercises is a simple solution that is in everyone’s reach to keep the skin supple for longer. Facial gymnastics:

  • Activate blood circulation 
  • Help to strengthen the facial muscles and to reshape the oval appearance of a face, giving volume to the cheekbones and firming up the hollowest areas 
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two essential components for keeping the skin smooth and supple, thereby delaying the appearance of wrinkles and reducing the appearance of existing wrinkles 

Our tips to optimise your facial bodybuilding

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To see the effects of facial gymnastics rapidly, get into a few good habits:

  • Start as young as possible, ideally as early as the age of 20. Although it’s never too late to get started – you will reap the benefits in any case.
  • Carry out facial gym exercises regularly.
  • Anchor your new facial gymnastics routine into a wider healthy lifestyle:

o Keep yourself properly hydrated.
o Apply sunscreen when you go out.
o Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
o Take care of your sleep.

  • Perform facial massages in addition to facial exercises

How to build up the strength of your face

Some implements are specifically designed to stimulate facial muscles:

  • A jade roller: a jade stone mounted on a handle that stimulates the facial muscles and activates lymphatic circulation to reduce dark circles and wrinkles. Placed in the refrigerator, it has an enhanced effect.
  • A gua sha: a flat jade massage stone traditionally used in Chinese medicine to stimulate acupressure points and to relax facial muscles.
  • Etc.

Facial yoga: combining relaxation while working the muscles

Yoga facial postures help reduce tension and maintain skin tone. Yoga combines muscle-building exercises and breathing techniques to combat stress, something that promotes the appearance of expression lines:

  • Stretch your forehead upward with both hands as you inhale. While maintaining this pose, look down with each outward breath. 
  • Keep your eyes closed with your index fingers. With each outward breath, try to open your eyelids.
  • Partially close your nostrils with your thumb and forefinger and focus on your breathing. With each outward breath, activate the muscles that make the nose flare as if to push your fingers back. 

A few muscle-building exercises for the face

Many of the facial gymnastic exercises you can do are simple to perform. Here are some ideas to start your anti-wrinkle gymnastics routine:

  • Raise the eyebrows, then keep them raised for 3 seconds.
  • With your head straight, stick your tongue out as far as possible, keeping it high.
  • With your mouth closed, place your finger in the hollow above the upper lip. Try to inflate this area several times in a row.
  • Widen your eyes far as you can and hold the position for 5 seconds to work the area of your face with frown lines.
  • Turn your head to one side without moving your shoulders. Hold the position for 5 seconds.
  • Smile by bringing the corners of the mouths as close as possible to your ears. Relax the muscles used after 5 seconds.
  • Say all the vowels sounds in succession, exaggerating the movements of your lips.

For visible and lasting results, perform each exercise at least 5 times in a row and 2 to 3 times per week.

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