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FreeStride: how should you maintain your combined trainer?

To extend the life of your FreeStride, incorporate a few simple steps into your training routine. Here are all the tips you’ll need to maintain your equipment, both adjustments and positioning, so you can enjoy many hours of fun on your home fitness equipment.

A clean FreeStride that’s ready for training


There’s nothing more motivational for training than a clean trainer that’s in perfect condition! Once a week, for example, start your warm-up by dusting your trainer to the sound of music. To clean your FreeStride, take a damp cloth and add a little soap or mild detergent. FreeStride training makes you sweat which is exactly what you want. After hydrating at the end of the session, remove any sweat from the handles and the touch screen. Your device will reward you for doing so!

Before going on holiday or any extended period during when it won’t be used, protect your FreeStride under a cover: it will be ready to serve you for new sessions as soon as you return!

How to properly position your FreeStride


Perfect for small spaces, a FreeStride fits anywhere there is a power outlet and a location where the screen is out of the sun. That’s all you need for a fitness room at home. Here are some tips to keep in mind to position your FreeStride properly.

The perfect location for your home fitness equipment

A FreeStride will be at home in any room that is protected from humidity and dust: a bedroom, an office or a living room are perfect for training in. Placed on a carpet, it simply requires 1.2 m of space at the front, 1.8 m at the rear and 0.6 m on each side to allow for comfortable movement.

To move it, get help from a friend or family member. Its rear wheels will allow you to transport it without shoving. As a reward, you can then challenge yourself on the device with an iFit® Family subscription with up to 5 user accounts. These are available for 1 year from the purchase of your FreeStride FS7i or FS9i.

Set your FreeStride level

To set up your FreeStride flat, turn the two adjustment feet located under the front of the frame. This will allow you to level the trainer easily. Once your combined trainer is stable, the tilting ramp will allow you to try new setting: with a simple swipe of the screen or the handles, the frame will tilt from -10 to +10% depending on the chosen model.

The key steps to keep your FreeStride in a good state


Very easy to assemble, a FreeStride is robust and designed for intense training. By regularly checking that all of the components are properly adjusted, you can count on it to achieve your fitness goals for a very long time.

Check and tighten the parts of a FreeStride

As it is subject to vibration during use, check all the parts are tight regularly. This will ensure the trainer is still fully operational and secure. If necessary, tighten the bolts according to the user manual supplied with your FreeStride.

FreeStride updates and settings

Your FreeStride may require adjustments from time to time that you can make by yourself if you feel the need:

  • Adjusting the tension of the traction belt: think about this adjustment if during use, the pedals slip even at the highest resistance level. Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord. Remove a screw, then take off the access cover from the right inner cover. Then, simply tighten the screw to adjust the traction belt before replacing the cover. This procedure is explained in detail in the user guide of your FreeStride.
  • Tilt calibration: after moving the machine, recalibrate the tilt setting of your FreeStride by following the Calibrate Incline program which is accessible via the trainer’s console.
  • Adjustment of the magnetic sensor: turn to this track if the information displayed on the console seems strange to you. The necessary manipulation consists of turning the pulley until the magnet is realigned with the magnetic sensor. Then, move the sensor away from or closer to the magnet until the data displayed on the console is correct. The diagrams in the FreeStride manual will help you to perform this operation.
  • Console software update: If you have not enabled automatic updates, then you can enjoy an optimal user experience by installing the latest version of FreeStride software. To do this, press Firmware Update: the installation will start automatically.

Change parts quickly when necessary

If you notice that a part is damaged, NordicTrack customer service is at your disposal. Note down the serial number of the trainer and the exact name of your model. For ease of exchange, each part is numbered in the user manual and the serial number of your FreeStride is listed on the first page.

The less time it takes to report a concern, the more likely it will be that the matter will be resolved quickly and without damaging your device. NordicTrack’s highly responsive technicians will make every effort to ensure that you continue to have access to home fitness sessions on your Freestride.

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