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Fitness: Sport for two is even better!

Doing sports with two is more motivating: boost your sports practice thanks to a programme of fitness in pairs. With a couple at the same level, there are multiple exercise possibilities: you never lack inspiration and progress quickly thanks to the iFit® virtual coaching programme.

Fitness: is training in pairs a good idea?

Playing sports with two people helps to motivate each other and to strengthen the bond of love, friendship or family. For doing sport as a couple or as a duo fitness is ideal:

  • Fitness consists of a wide variety of exercises for all levels: HIIT training, cardio, strength training…
  • Whatever the objectives of the two participants, you can compose rich and motivating sessions by varying the exercises and adjusting your challenges as you progress. 
  • Fitness can be practiced with little equipment, outdoors, indoors, but above all, at home: nothing better to share good times together away from the outside world! 

5 tips for a successful duo fitness workout

In order to succeed in your two-strong sports training, a few things are crucial:

  • Find the ideal match: you will have a better chance of succeeding if your partner is at about the same level as you and has the same aspirations. 
  • Set common goals so that you can support each other and select exercises that are useful to both of you. 
  • Plan your sessions according to your respective schedules. The more regular the sessions are, the more chances you have to persevere and create a real sports routine together.
  • Communicate with each other and make compromises by occasionally testing an activity that did not appeal to you at first or an exercise suggested by your partner. You may be surprised by what you are capable of! 
  • Let the iFit® app coach you to prepare your program for two: if you like home fitness, the iFit® Coach application will make you progress as a duo even faster. With an iFit® subscription, you have hundreds of fitness sessions at your disposal at all times. Get access to video exercises from sports coaches around the world, tailored to your fitness level and goals. Compatible with all NordicTrack devices, the iFit® Family application allows you to use multiple accounts with the same subscription. 

Your fitness program to be done in pairs

Fitness exercises can often be done in pairs, simultaneously or successively: you will be able to adjust your postures thanks to your partner’s advice. Here are a few ideas for exercising as a couple, with a friend or family member.

5 fitness exercises to do with two

These fitness exercises are specially designed for training in pairs:

  • Duo push-ups: one behind the other, the first one having his feet on the second one’s shoulders, both participants do push-ups at the same rhythm, coordinating their movements.
  • Simultaneous abs and buttocks: one of the two performs crunches, the other, placed in front of him on all fours, stretches one leg in the air at each crunch, changing leg every 5 movements. 
  • Thighs and push-ups: one of you is positioned as if to do push-ups. The other, standing behind him, grabs his feet to keep them at the level of his thighs, positions his legs slightly bent and bends his knees to accompany each of his partner’s push-ups. This movement works on resistance and balance while strengthening the thighs and abdominals. 
  • Plank variation, push-ups and obliques: while one performs push-ups at moderate speed, the other puts himself in the plank position, putting his legs in the middle of his partner’s back. 
  • Two-person abs. Lie face to face, crossing your feet. Do crunches by tapping your partner’s opposite hand on each ascent: bonding guaranteed! 

Think about swapping roles!

 3 training circuits adapted for couples

Circuit training consists of creating a sequence of several  fitness exercises, called a round, to be performed one or more times. Here are 3 circuit formats, to be adapted according to the level of the participants:

  • The classic training circuit: 6 exercises with 30 seconds of effort, 15 seconds of recovery between each exercise, 45 seconds to 1-minute rest between each round, 5 rounds per session. 
  • Beginners training circuit: 4 exercises, 30 seconds of effort, 30 seconds of recovery between each exercise, 1 minute of rest between each round, 2 to 4 rounds per session. 
  • A special training circuit for seniors: 4 exercises, 1 minute of effort, 30 seconds of recovery between each exercise, 1 minute of recovery between each round, 2 to 3 rounds per session depending on your physical condition. 

Be sure to warm up before the session and keep yourself hydrated. The principle of the training circuit is ideal for training together. Challenge each other, work together and progress at your own pace while having fun. You’ll get results very quickly!

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