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First steps in fitness, which equipment to choose?

Are you starting to work out? Finding the right equipment is the first thing to do before you start: clothes, shoes, and equipment… To get off to a good start and have fun, choose the accessories and equipment you can use to work out at home.

How should I dress for fitness?


The  right outfit for fitness consists of comfortable clothing, which allows you a wide range of movement. A t-shirt that fits close to your body, but doesn’t constrict you and is made of breathable material, comfortable shorts or leggings so you can squat, run or jump, a sweatshirt or jacket so you don’t get cold after making the effort: you’re ready to start your first warm-up. Avoid all cotton, which retains moisture from perspiration. Keep it simple to get started: you’ll have plenty of time to discover the benefits of more technical materials once you’ve refined your needs and exercises.

As far as shoes are concerned, opt for breathable sneakers, with a thick but flexible sole offering good shock absorption. Once you have made your choice, keep your pair of trainers only for fitness use: they will remain clean, always ready for your next session!

Overview of home fitness accessories


In the gym or at home, you can vary your fitness sessions with small accessories. Practical and compact, you will soon know all about them.

Beginners fitness accessories

With a bit of training, you will see that it is not difficult to choose between the different fitness accessories with which you can equip your home fitness space, these include:

  • A soft PVC or rubber gym ball, also called a Swiss ball, to strengthen deep muscles.
  • Elastic resistance bands, to work with body weight
  • A gym mat for floor movements
  • A skipping rope, to tone up and work the breath
  • Dumbbells, choose light ones to begin with
  • Massage balls, for a self-massage after sport

Fitness packs to get you started

When you’re new to fitness, you can use accessory kits: well balanced, they include the essential equipment for your first sessions. Some are specifically designed for cardio training. Others also contain dumbbells for strength training or Pilates discs. A smart bracelet is also a great idea for measuring your heart rate.

Home fitness equipment: your home gym

home fitness equipment

Are you looking for the  perfect machine to get started? With a good quality and versatile home fitness machine, your living room will no longer lack anything you’d find in a gym.

Easy-to-use fitness machines

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced athlete, when you take your first steps in the world of fitness your choice of equipment is essential. Over time, you will accumulate many hours of activity on your machine: by choosing it well, you give yourself every chance to stay motivated.

To  start off your fitness training, we recommend an easy-to-use device, such as a treadmill, home bike, or elliptical bike… The choice will depend on your goals, your physical condition and your desires.

Close-up on the elliptical bike

Combining the movements of pedalling with those of Nordic walking, the elliptical bike has everything for those who are discovering fitness:

  • Complete workout, it works 80% of the muscles of the body: as the movement is done standing, the upper and lower body are both included.
  • This cardio-training device allows you to take on most of the challenges that athletes set for themselves: improving physical condition, muscle strengthening, weight loss…
  • It reproduces the natural movements of walking and running seamlessly.
  • The body is in constant contact with the pedals: without impact, the exercise is very gentle on the joints.

It is not for nothing that this home fitness device is appreciated by top athletes! You deserve the best to achieve your goals: Discover the range of premium quality elliptical bikes offered by NordicTrack.

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