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Don’t Feel Like Working Out Today? 9 iFit® Workouts for the “Off” Days

Are there days when you’re reluctant to begin your usual workout? With these 9 training ideas, whatever the cause of your lack of motivation, you have all the resources you need to adjust your session to your mood of the day. Lack of time, lack of desire or lack of energy? No problem! In fitness, as elsewhere, flexibility is the key to staying motivated over time.

Short on Time: Express Workouts for Busy Athletes

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Are you short on time and tend to put off your workouts? It’s often easier to plan several 20-minute sessions a week than one long workout. The iFit® library gives you access to hundreds of hours of workouts, with or without equipment. Your programs are available with 1 click on your computer, tablet or smartphone. For quick workouts, these 3 iFit® programs are for you!

20-Minute Tone: 12 Express Workouts to Burn Calories

With these 12 20-minute incline sessions, you’ll get the benefits of HIIT no matter how busy you are. Short and toned, these sessions will make you work at your maximum potential for quick results.

Skipping Rope: 3×15 Minutes of Intense and Fun Cardio H3

Burn 120 calories in only 15 minutes? With these 3 dynamic sessions presented by Elyse Miller, iFit® coach, you’ll meet the challenge with flying colours! Don’t have a skipping rope? Even without an accessory, these movements will get your heart rate up enough to burn calories!

Fit in 15: Lose up to 150 Calories in 15 Minutes H3

Specially designed for tight schedules, these 20 workouts, also hosted by Elyse Miller, will not waste a single second. Featuring intense exercises with no recovery, work every muscle group efficiently and burn calories, even during busy weeks.

Lack of Desire: How to Boost Your Training

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Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to get away from it all, and any form of routine tends to bore you, even if you love working out. Why not take advantage of your training to get away from it all and travel the world from your living room? These 3 iFit® programmes will give you a boost!

Cambodia: Hours of Trail Riding Through 10 Tropical Destinations

Ride your elliptical through 10 inspiring trails in the tropical jungle. With a 31.5 km journey divided into 10 sessions, the ancient temples will no longer hold any secrets for you. With routes through Cambodia’s paradise islands and dreamy beaches, you’ll almost forget you’re exercising!

ISPY: Keep Your Eyes Open and Explore the World

Want to spice up your workout? Climb aboard your Commercial X32i, Commercial 2950 or FreeStride Trainer FS9i and become an explorer. Travel the world in search of unique animals with one challenge: find them all! Chimpanzees, antelopes, huskies, bison, and so on. Have you ever experienced such a challenging session?

Kickboxing: Let off Steam with a Cardio Activity Like No Other

There is nothing like an introduction to a new sport to diversify your training. With the help of Michelle Ulibarri’s advice, learn the basic kickboxing movements and work simultaneously on strength, muscle building, endurance and cardio. These 18 sessions of less than 30 minutes will bring back the enthusiasm of your beginnings!

Lack of Energy: Cocooning and Recovery Sessions

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Fatigue, a busy week or the aftermath of a major competition, sometimes you just don’t feel energetic enough to get on with your usual routine. Take care of yourself with these 3 gentle programmes combining yoga, low-intensity exercise and walking, with the sound of soothing waves in the background.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: 30 Days of Movement in Harmony with Your Breath H3

Follow Natalie Vetica’s advice and discover 30 anti-stress sessions dedicated to Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Learn how to combine movement and breathing to make yourself more flexible, strengthen your muscles and benefit from a deep relaxation of the body and mind.

Brain-Body Connection: 16 Sessions on the Brain-Body Connection

From your treadmill, elliptical or incline treadmill, follow the lectures presented by TED Talks. During 16 episodes of about 12 minutes each, where you walk at a low intensity, you will discover the importance of the connections between the body and brain to stay healthy.

Beginner Kauai Adventure Series: Take a Walk and Do Yoga in Hawaii

Take a walk along the trails of the islands of Kauai and Hawaii and do yoga sessions by the ocean with Heather Jenson. These 6 sessions of about 30 minutes are perfect for self-care on those days when energy is low!

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