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Comparison: The best indoor and outdoor running shoes

Changing your running shoes regularly is key to exercising in the right conditions. Thanks to our list of top 10 running shoes, including the best indoor and outdoor running shoes, you’re bound to find the style you need quickly and easily.

New running shoes: Benefits and best practices


To limit the risk of injury and to optimize your progress, it’s essential to invest in running shoes that are in good condition and adapted to your morphology. Ideally, you should think ahead and always have two pairs of shoes available, so you always run in optimal conditions. A worn sole, torn uppers, underwhelming cushioning or significant wear and tear are tell-tale signs that it’s time to invest in new running shoes.

Why buy the best running shoes?

New running shoes offer a variety of advantages:

  • Increased comfort.
  • Greater support for the foot and ankle, which reduces the risk of falling and sustaining sports injuries.
  • A level of cushioning that adapts to the type of track you run on, which is ideal for protecting the joints (knees, hips, lumbar joints, etc.).
  • Better performance, optimising the unrolling of the foot and promoting its natural angle as you stride.
  • Good protection in bad weather.
  • Additional benefits.

How to choose your running shoes

When you choose your running shoes, remember to factor in the following criteria:

  • The type of track: Indoor, outdoor, paved road, dirt track, urban, rustic, synthetic athletics track, and so on.
  • Your goals: To unwind, to get back in shape, to train for a competition, marathon, sprint, trail run, etc.
  • Your stride: Natural pronation, supinator, pronator, foot width, foot arch type, weight, etc.
  • Your budget and your routine: Regular sessions, occasional sessions or mixed workout (a pair of shoes for your outdoor runs and one indoor pair for your treadmill workout).

The top 5 indoor running shoes


When it comes to indoor running, which usually takes place on a treadmill, there are two determining factors: Comfort and cushioning. Exclusively for indoor activity, these shoes will serve you equally well in any type of at-home activity, be it muscle building, yoga, stretching, etc. Here are 5 styles of running shoes for every workout profile.

The most versatile: Lite Racer – Adidas

Available in a variety of colourways, these lightweight sneakers have an impeccable look and are suitable for any type of fitness activity. They are very comfortable, they provide excellent cushioning, and they are very breathable, thanks to their mesh uppers.

The best value for money: Gel-Nimbus 19 – Asics

These indoor shoes are very breathable and they have rubber soles with excellent shock-absorbing qualities. Thanks to their ventilated synthetic coating, they are perfect for both indoor running and general fitness.

The best cushioning: ZoomX SuperRep Surge – Nike

Featuring a colourful and contemporary look, these indoor shoes are ideal for indoor fitness activities and running. Exceptionally comfortable, they offer a level of cushioning that borders on perfection, thanks to their light Nike ZoomX foam sole.

The most stable: Explode 1 Indoor – Puma

These mid-top fitness and indoor running shoes come in vibrant colours and showcase state-of-the-art technologies. The midsole features IGNITE technology, which offers excellent stability, with a well-designed heel counter. The NRGY sole rounds off the effect with exceptional cushioning.

The minimalists: FiveFingers KSO EVO – Vibram

Treat your senses with these original shoes featuring individual toe boxes. Wearing them enables you to run on a treadmill as if you’re running barefoot, in complete comfort. The sole boasts enhanced grip and the innovative lacing system is extremely practical.

The top 5 outdoor running shoes


When it comes to outdoor running shoes, it’s an entirely different set of factors that matter, such as water resistance and sole suitability based on the type of terrain. This list of top 5 outdoor running shoes covers a wide range of needs.

One of this year’s best running shoes: Wave Rider 23 – Mizuno

Versatile, light, and suitable for both beginners and seasoned runners, the Wave Rider 23 shoes are designed for both track and trail running. They adapt themselves to the morphology of the foot, thanks to their DynamotionFit technology. With unrivalled cushioning and comfort, they enable you to cover any distance.

The most hardwearing: Ultra Raptor – La Sportiva

These all-terrain running shoes are designed for long-distance running. Steady and cushiony, they can sustain runners of any weight, even in rough terrain. Robust and hard-wearing, they feature good grip for greater stability.

The most popular: Triumph Iso 5 – Saucony

Combining comfort, flexibility, and optimal foot support, these shoes are suitable for runners of every calibre. Sturdy and breathable, featuring synthetic mesh uppers in an eye-catching jacquard pattern, rubber soles, and a newly revamped profile, they can adapt to any type of track.

The running shoes tailored to marathon running: Zoom Fly 3 – Nike

These running shoes feature a built-in carbon plate insert located at the core of the sole, as well as a curved outline designed to protect the legs by countering the forces exerted on the Achilles tendon. They’re gaining traction among marathon runners, thanks to their comfortable inner liner.

The waterproof ones: Wave Kien 3 G-TX – Mizuno

These low sneakers were built for all-seasons trail or outdoor running. Not only are they waterproof, but they also allow the feet to breathe. They feature Gore-tex uppers reinforced with an extra layer of lining for greater water resistance. They grip well on any type of terrain and boast great shock-absorbing capabilities.

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