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9 Tips for Training with Little Money

Whether it’s saving up to buy your first piece of fitness equipment or continuing to train without spending money on a gym membership, find out how to keep fit on a shoestring budget. With imagination, willpower and a long-term strategy, you can achieve your fitness goals, regardless of your financial situation, and stay motivated!

Training and Saving Money to Achieve Your Goals

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Don’t have the budget to buy the treadmill of your dreams yet? Don’t wait to start exercising. Most great athletes started without equipment at home, living their passion and training to sculpt their bodies and improve their performance.

Willpower and perseverance are two key assets that training helps you maintain. Write down your goal, such as getting an S30, in your logbook and go further by writing down the results you want to achieve with this treadmill.. Plan to save up for your dream and start training now: when you can afford your equipment, your fitness will allow you to push your limits and enjoy yourself.

9 Tips for Diversifying Your Workouts Without Equipment

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With these 9 tips, you’ll have no shortage of ideas for training without equipment:

  • All you need is a pair of running shoes to go running. Diversify your training in the city or the countryside with routes that have different levels of difficulty.
  • Among the cheapest equipment you can invest in for weight training includes a step, dumbbells or a pull-up bar.
  • A bench, chair, stairs or water bottles can be all you need to create a small home fitness kit and perform a wide variety of exercises!
  • Fill bottles with sand to increase their weight.
  • By learning a few bodyweight exercises linked together in a circuit training format, you can keep yourself fit without spending any money, working on cardio and all muscle groups. Even when you’re fully equipped, these exercises come in handy for doing anywhere, including on the go.
  • Boost your strength training program with simple elastic bands to perform your movements with more resistance.
  • Follow fitness coaches’ videos on YouTube or Instagram for workout ideas. You can also share your performance with other athletes on social networks to motivate each other.
  • Install an app to work out and get rewarded with vouchers or cash when you reach your goals: Running Heroes, WeWard, My Money Time and so on.
  • Subscribe to iFit Coach®: with a comprehensive tracking system integrating sport, health and nutrition, you’ll have an ideal solution for challenging yourself. When you equip yourself with a NordicTrack fitness device, you will discover the full potential of your app, and you’ll be able to control your machine in real-time. In the meantime, benefit from the iFit® library. It is full of workouts, many of them equipment-free, and the advice of internationally renowned coaches!

Buy and Finance Your First Equipment at a Reasonable Price

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Looking to invest in NordicTrack fitness equipment on a tight budget? Here are the most affordable pieces of equipment in our range:

  • S 20i Treadmill: iFit® Bluetooth compatible with a 1-year subscription included, this treadmill features an intelligent motor system that manages vibrations and ventilation according to the activity’s intensity. It is compact when stored, thanks to the SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ assistance.
  • GX 2.7 Exercise Bike: with this upright bike that features a comfortable seat and extra-wide pedals, you can enjoy an interactive workout by following iFit® programs on its 5-inch screen. The resistance and position of the bike automatically adjust during your workout.
  • SE3i Elliptical: With a quiet SMR® magnetic resistance system for smooth movement, 22 levels of resistance, 32 preset programs and 1-year of iFit® coaching included, this elliptical is the perfect way to get started.
  • VR19 Semi-Recumbent Bike: follow the sessions of the iFit® coaches on its 5″ backlit screen. It includes a 1-year iFit® subscription. This ergonomic semi-recumbent bike with a fan can be adjusted in a single movement. It features 24 preset programs and 22 resistance levels.
  • GX 3.9 Exercise Bike: this compact upright bike is affordable for all budgets. It has an adjustable padded seat, emergency brake button, multi-position handlebars and wheels for easy movement.
  • RX800 Rowing Machine: its air resistance system ensures a smooth, joint-friendly workout for the entire body. All the information you need is displayed in real-time on its 5-inch backlit screen, and its built-in speakers let you work out to your favourite tunes. It has transport wheels and folds up with its Space Saver® design.

Nordictrack offers financing solutions: you can pay for your fitness equipment in several instalments at no extra cost. Whatever your means, go after your dreams and don’t wait to do yourself some good!

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