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3 steps to succeed in your first triathlon

From the choice of the event to the equipment to be planned, through a specific training plan thought out beforehand, find all the tips to prepare for your first triathlon. Get a lot of excitement and have fun during training with immersive sessions targeted for each discipline.

Select a competition aimed your level


The triathlon is a sporting competition where 3 endurance events of different disciplines follow one another: swimming, cycling and running. To succeed in this challenge, take into account your fitness level and your abilities. Several formats coexist, from discovery courses to events reserved for seasoned triathletes. To get off to a good start, you can opt for a short event, with, for example, a 400-metre swim, a 10 km bike ride and a 2.5 km run.

Study the different courses carefully: note the gradients, the bodies of water, the nature of the terrain, taking into account the climate and the season in which the competition takes place. Allow several months to design a specific training plan before your triathlon.

Invest in good equipment for the triathlon

Now that you know the context of your triathlon, it is time to invest in quality equipment:

  • Choose an outfit adapted for the 3 disciplines: tri-function suits are specially designed to be comfortable for running, swimming or cycling. Designed in technical materials, they dry quickly, include seat reinforcements to reduce friction from the bike saddle and offer freedom of movement ideal for running. Lightweight, airy running shoes will complement your outfit.
  • Opt for a bike that fits your size, adapted to the configuration of the terrain:  triathlon bikes offer an aerodynamic position to limit wind resistance and are efficient for roads as well as for steeper terrain. The longer the bike ride, the more you need to focus on comfort. 
  • Select useful accessories to use during the event: from the water bottle to the bike pump, ideally with a pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure, an approved helmet, a triathlon watch, a small towel to suncream, list everything you might need during the competition, without overloading yourself. 

Provide a training plan for the 3 disciplines


Well-equipped and in tune with your triathlon course, you can plan a personalised training program, taking into account the muscle groups used during the event and the technical difficulties that you need to master for each of the disciplines:

  • Choose a type of swimming stroke to work on for the race: in triathlon, it’s usually the crawl. Adopt an ideal posture to economise your movements and work on your weak points with targeted exercises, keeping in mind that the most important thing is to improve your overall fitness. Work on cardio sessions of about 45 minutes to 1 hour to develop your cardio-respiratory capacities so you can perform well on the day. 
  • Train as much as possible on the bike you will use during the race, as well as working on a home bike to keep it interesting. Work on hills, sprints, accelerations and velocity, many of these exercises can be added to your usual workouts. A few split sessions can be beneficial: by alternating short workout sessions and moderate speed pedalling sessions to recover, you will make rapid progress in a relatively short time. 
  • To train for running, you should try a few outdoor sessions in a field with conditions close to those of the competition. A tilting treadmill is also excellent support for training at home in all weathers while giving you the option to work uphill and downhill. 

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