The C Series treadmill: the go-to training partner for your next competition


To reach peak performance on the day of a competition or sporting event, you’re used to preparing yourself through a combination of outdoor training and gym workouts. But what if you decided to train only at home, with a C Series treadmill? Flexible and efficient, C Series treadmills integrates multiple technologies and guarantee a complete and effective training regimen.

Working with you from start to finish

You know what sort of repetitive and lengthy training goes into preparing for a sporting event. If you’re going to commit to training on a fitness machine, you need to know that the device can keep up with your demands, and that injury risk is at a minimum.

NordicTrack C Series treadmills meet these two requirements:

  • Equipped with a powerful motor (minimum 3.0 HP), they are made for regular to intensive use.
  • C Series treadmills feature a large running surface; solid structure and heavy base for guaranteed stability; and impact-reducing cushioning that’s easier on your joints than outdoor surfaces. They offer you a comfortable and safe training experience, without risk for your joints. That's not all: to increase comfort and ease of training, C Series treadmills make no noise.



The all-in-one machine for a varied and complete workout

Top athletes across all disciplines use treadmills to return to competition after a break, do cardio training, or strengthen muscles, in addition to accomplishing more specific training goals. Can anyone use a treadmill for training? The experts say “yes.” Provided the treadmill incorporates the following elements:

  • Wide-ranging speed variations, From slower warm-up through to running, with peak speeds up to 20 km/hr
  • Adjustable incline (rising to at least up to 10%), mimicking natural ground variations (demanding heightened effort and working the muscles)
  • A device at the user’s fingertips that enables real-time speed and incline adjustment
  • Realistic simulation of outdoor racing conditions, along with a built-in fan to cool a runner down when needed
  • Multiple professionally designed programmes, directly integrated into the device, that change the speed, time, distance and incline of each session
  • Additional downloadable programs


The C Series line from NordicTrack comprises all the features, and some models even go beyond that. The C 1650, for example, offers an incline ranging from 0 to + 12%. And another great asset: all NordicTrack devices are foldable, discreetly blending into the scenery once you’ve completed your training session.


Ready? Go!

It’s time to develop your training plan. Start by taking a look at the C Series treadmill. It can do almost everything: simulate outdoor jogging, offer a progressive training session, conduct a hill-climbing session, bring you a high-intensity interval training session (HIIT), or just give you a classic cardio workout. Simply go with one of the existing programmes or download the programme that's right for you. But just remember. Even if workouts on NordicTrack C Series treadmills are comfortable and safe, you need to keep in mind the rules for successful training: set aside days off in your schedule to recuperate from your workouts!




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