Fusion CST: complete training to prepare you for any challenge

Whatever your goal, the Fusion CST will help you achieve it. With unprecedented flexibility and interactive coaching, this hybrid device offers you effective and diverse training experiences. The Fusion CST accompanies you throughout your training regimen and prepares you for every challenge. With it, you can be sure you’ll be ready for the big competition, race, game or event you’ve got coming up.

Total flexibility

Whatever your sport, challenge or goal, you need to build muscle strength and work your cardio. Theoretically, you’d need at least two different machines to completely and effectively achieve your goals. That is, unless you choose the Fusion CST, which stands for “Cardio Strength Training.” It combines strength training and cardiovascular work, focusing your workout on repeated movements with variable load at short, high-intensity intervals. Worried about not always knowing how to train on such an innovative device? No need to panic. The Fusion CST works seamlessly with the iFit Fusion app. You can use the touchpad to participate in a variety of coach-led sessions.

The Fusion CST offers all of the following so you get the most out of your workout:

  • No less than 8 pulleys of different heights, and 6 ergonomic handles
  • Silent magnetic resistance with 20 levels of difficulty to ensure smooth movements, without having to manipulate weights
  • A touchpad with one year’s subscription to iFit, for tailor-made, ultra-interactive workouts

And the Fusion CST’s ultimate asset: its superbly compact and elegant design. Put it wherever you want in your home, without spoiling your feng shui.

The next generation in home training

You know the secret for a successful, continuous training programme that will get you the results you’re looking for. It must be all-encompassing, combining muscular work and cardio; it should be fun; and it needs to integrate an expert coach’s professional advice. With the Fusion CST, NordicTrack brings all this together in one device. And more than this, the Fusion CST uses a cross training approach to mix bodybuilding and cardio, optimising the relationship between time spent and session intensity. Every minute of exercise is effective, helping you to progress towards your final goal. You get faster results, so you’ll be ready in time for your moment of truth.

But to get results, you need to work smart, not just hard. That’s where the Fusion CST’s personal and attentive iFit coach comes in.

Connected coaching to guide your workout

How should you train to best meet your goals? What errors do you want to avoid? What’s the best way to balance your workouts? Which movements do you need to work on? And how intensely? You need a coach to help you find the answers if you want to truly take control and make the most of this next generation home training equipment. That’s why NordicTrack offers a year’s subscription to iFit – a connected coaching technology – when you purchase the Fusion CST. Connected coaching tailored to the Fusion CST answers all your questions and provides you with personalized sessions that will motivate you. With the Fusion CST, you get all the services, equipment and coaching of the standard gym right from your home. Without any of the gym’s disadvantages.

Don’t hesitate: find out more about the CST Fusion, NordicTrack’s most complete and innovative home training device.

Simply becoming a better you

Functional training is the CST Fusion’s foundation, aiming to improve your body’s overall movement. For an older person, functional training offers wellbeing, comfort, and more fluid and stable mobility. For the beginner or experienced athlete, it provides a wealth of benefits in terms of improved movement: precision, fluidity, strength, speed and more. And this revolutionary device has one more significant feature: ease of maintenance.

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