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Please note, this is an alternative colour band for the iFit Active 3-in-1 Fitness Tracker.An iFit Active 3-in-1 Fitness Tracker is required to use this item. 

iFit Active Band - Red

 Improve your life and your style at the same time.NordicTrack Active Band and clip accessories let you track and improve your fitness in your favorite color. Accessory kit includes an adjustable band and clip.  FASHION MEETS FITNESSWhat's better than a band that tracks your activity, nutrition and sleep? A band that tracks your activity, nutrition and sleep in your favorite color. Adapt your fitness with flair. Choose a band and clip in a color that complements your wardrobe or your personality. MATCH YOUR MOODClip it in classic black for work.Then switch it up to wear bold blue for a night on the town.Easily remove the tracker pod and slip it in an accessory band or clip to color coordinate with what you're wearing or add a pop of color to match your mood.    ADJUSTABLE WRISTBANDFind the right fit with watch-style band adjustment.WATER RESISTANT DESIGNWear it while you work out - band is sweat resistant. iFit Track app availble at the App store and on Google Play.iPhone 4S or newer required.Android 4.3 and above required.






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