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NordicTrack E7 SV

  The E7 SV offers a club standard workout in the comfort of your own home with advanced features to give you the best workout available. The front flywheel provides a comfortable, natural stride pattern so even new users will feel at home on the machine. An adjustable intensity ramp allows you to focus on one muscle group or introduce variety in your workout for even quicker results by altering the height of the ramp. Different ramp heights produce different pedal paths which is a great way to continually challenge yourself. A bright backlit LCD console with audio and iFit SD offer motivation and enjoyment as you train through the integrated speakers. You can also attach your favourite music source to the audio system and enjoy training without getting tangled up in your headphones. Once you have finished training, the built-in transport handles and wheels let you easily move the crosstrainer out of the way.  



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