Why should you run on a home treadmill rather than outdoors?

5 reasons to run on a treadmill instead of outdoors

You’ve made up your mind and you’re going to start running again. The question is, should you run at home on a treadmill, or outside? It’s a fair question. Outdoor runners have had a lot of complaints through the years about running on a treadmill but many of those complaints are outdated, as treadmills are much different today than they were a few years ago.
Today’s treadmills can better reproduce outdoor running conditions, while adding new benefits such as consistency, flexibility and safety. The new generation of treadmills certainly stack up well to outdoor running. Here are 5 reasons to get you started.

Advantages of treadmill running over outdoor running

  1. More consistent training. Whether it’s due to strong winds, heavy rain, soggy terrain or short winter days there are plenty of factors that can cause you to give up on an outdoor training regime. It’s easy to lose motivation. But being indoors on a treadmill, you can keep up your regular running schedule. No matter the weather, just lace up and go.
  2. Easier on the joints. Do you have fragile joints? Are you overweight? With a treadmill, don’t worry about twisted ankles due to uneven surfaces or the pain that can come from repeated running on concrete. Treadmills today are much wider than in the past, and are composed of a better cushioning system, offering a comfortable stride. NordicTrack treadmills are recognized for their comfort and reliability and are used by runners rehabilitating after an injury. Even after returning to full speed, runners often continue using NordicTrack treadmills, seduced by their comfort and ease.
  3. Your own personal coach. When you run outdoors, you never really get a full idea of what you actually accomplished. Sure, you can use pedometers and smart watches to receive time and distance data on your run once you’ve completed it. With a treadmill, though, you receive constant feedback right in front of you in real time. Top of the line treadmills, such as those built by NordicTrack, can even offer effective training programmes according to your personal objectives—acting like a virtual coach along your entire course.
  4. Safe along the route. When you run outdoors you often have to share the road with vehicles or cross paths with unfriendly dogs. Any seasoned jogger will know what that can be like. With your own treadmill, however, you can train in total safety, without worries about pollution, unsafe drivers, or pesky, slow pedestrians in your way.
  5. Easy refueling. You can’t train without rehydrating. With a treadmill, you don’t need to carry a bottle while you run. Just place it on the treadmill, within easy reach, and run without worries.

Avoiding obstacles with ease

Detractors will often argue that running on a treadmill doesn’t produce a natural stride. To that, there’s an easy response: research has proven that slightly inclining a treadmill 1-2 degrees recreates the sensation of a “natural” run.
Some say that running on a treadmill is “always the same.” which is just not true anymore. The adjustable incline feature offers the simulated feel of running uphill, thus varying training sessions. Sometimes, it’s actually easier to mix it up during a treadmill run than it is outdoors.
As for the supposed monotony of running on a treadmill, it’s not the case now. On a NordicTrack treadmill, you can listen to music, watch TV or look at your tablet device… all while the time passes by. High-end treadmills even offer a screen on which countryside scenes scroll continuously to the rhythm of your strides, giving you the feel of a run through the country.

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