Using a treadmill to get back into shape after giving birth

Your child is born, and you’re feeling happy, but you really want to start running again, just as you did before you were pregnant. Of course, running right after delivery is out of the question. But with a treadmill at home, you can easily find a few minutes of walking during your busy life with your new-born. So break out your trainers and let’s go!

using a treadmill to get back into shape after giving birth pregnancy post partum

Make sure you get the doctor’s go-ahead

Mothers with new-borns often wonder when they can resume athletic activities after giving birth. Even if everything went well and you feel fit, you need to take some preparatory actions before you start working out again.

First, you should complete a period of perineal re-education, also known as pelvic floor rehabilitation. After pregnancy and childbirth, it’s essential that you re-strengthen your pelvic floor, which can become distended during pregnancy.

Next, get the green light from your obstetrician or other post-natal care professional. If you delivered by Caesarean section, you must wait until your body has completely healed. This can take several months. Be patient; do not skip any of these vital steps.

We also recommend visiting an osteopath before taking up athletic activity. They can help you find ways to ease your tension, correct bad posture, and realign your vertebrae or pelvis if needed. In other words, they can reset the small changes as well as the larger upheavals that occur in the body due to pregnancy.

Why not try a treadmill?

Now you’re ready to choose your activity. Have you thought of trying out a treadmill? Let’s be clear: this may not be the best choice after childbirth. You could consider an elliptical or exercise bike to slowly transition back into your fitness regime.

However, in some cases, a treadmill can be the more tempting choice, such as for those who were already fervent practitioners of a “walking sport” such as running, brisk walking or Nordic walking. With a treadmill, you can gradually resume your favourite activity and if your spouse wants to accompany you on this journey then you could double the cost-effectiveness of your purchase.

In these cases, ease yourself back into your sport of choice with the treadmill. You’ll discover it has many benefits to coax you back into shape.

post pregnancy treadmill benefits running walking slow muscle strengthening pelvic floor

Post-pregnancy treadmill benefits

With a treadmill, you can get back into shape at your own pace. Start with walking: In a few weeks, you can begin to alternate brisk walking and running.

The home treadmill is also particularly practical because it fits around your busy schedule. You don’t have to plan for a babysitter. No waiting for your spouse to be available, or for a sunny day. You don’t have to plan much in advance of nursing times if you are breastfeeding. As soon as your baby falls asleep, you can jump onto your treadmill.

Another advantage of the treadmill: it mainly works the muscles of the body that are most used during pregnancy. Even if you have to wait several months before you can run again it’s an investment for the long term.

With so many benefits, you should consider adding a treadmill to your baby shower gift list, between the onesies and the stroller!

comfortable slow performance health back into fitness strengthen body

Look for pleasure, not performance

It might not be the first choice after a pregnancy, but the treadmill still has its strengths. So if it’s your favourite, choose it: you will work out more regularly on a device that motivates you. Still hesitating? Consider this: if you live in a small living space, treadmills fold up nicely for storage.

Convinced now? Choose a reliable and comfortable treadmill from NordicTrack’s wide selection of quality machines. Finally, remember: don’t worry about “performance.” Enjoy your workouts!

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