Main muscle groups used in an exercise bike workout

While training on an exercise bike, you will primarily work your lower body muscles: your calves, thighs and glutes. Your abs will also get some work, and to a lesser extent, your arms. The exercise bike is also perfect for cardio work, strengthening your cardiovascular system. So saddle up and ride!

Lose that extra weight

main muscle groups used in exercise bike workout home training cardiovascular system

Many people turn to an exercise bike to stimulate weight loss, especially beginners, who find it easier to use than a treadmill when beginning cardio training. It is also very easy to “dose” your training on an exercise bike by modifying the pedalling resistance.

To get rid of extra fat, try to alternate between intensive, fast-work phases and recovery phases in the same session. This is the principle of interval training, which is easy to perform on a exercise bike. It will help you to lose weight faster.

Targeting the legs and glutes

You can also use your exercise bike to build muscle. Starting with the heart, the exercise bike works many muscle groups, and is thus an essential piece of equipment for all your cardio training sessions.

But of course, the most visible part of muscular work is the lower body: all leg muscles – as well as the glutes – get solid attention. No muscle escapes work during an indoor bike session!

  • You use your quads and calves to push the pedal forward
  • Your glutes, calves and hamstrings push the pedal down
  • When you push backward, you involve the gluteus maximus, calves and hamstrings
  • Your hamstrings and tibial muscles are engaged when you raise the pedal

The result: your legs become more sculpted and firm, and your waistline gets slimmer!
But that’s not all: when you’re pedaling, your abdominal and lumbar muscles contract to maintain balance, and your arms pull on the handlebars.

Classic, recumbent and racing series bikes: all you need to know about the range of available exercise bike styles

bike glutes calves hamstrings leg muscles workout exercise health fitness cardio

There are several different types of exercise bikes.

Classic-style saddle bike

This bike enables cardio and lower body muscle strengthening, engaging the abs to maintain correct posture and a straight back. To a lesser extent, it works the arms while sparing the joints.

Recumbent bike, featuring a seat and back

Offering a more comfortable ride, recumbent bikes are preferred by overweight people or those recovering from injury. It also encourages longer workouts that build endurance while sparing your back. It does not work the arms, abs or back.

Racing bikes: a sleek training machine

With more curved handlebars, a racing bike feels more like an outdoor road bike. Suitable for cardio training, it is also used by cyclists training for races.

Supplementing your bike session

recumbent bike workout cardio training full body workout pedal quality

If a cardio workout is your primary goal, then an exercise bike will prove a safe choice to respond to your needs. However, to build muscle mass, you should round out your bike work with a few weight training sessions that target the arms, back and pecs. This will give you a full body workout.

Ready to ride? Discover the entire NordicTrack line, and choose the model that suits you. Classic, racing or recumbent bike – we offer all models of the highest quality, so you can pedal in comfort. You’ll avoid feeling discouraged, and in a few weeks you’ll start to see the results of your efforts on your figure! Go for it.

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