How to best take care of your elliptical

Your elliptical is your home fitness ally, so make it your goal to maintain it in peak condition. You’ll be more motivated to use it regularly, and you can extend its life, thus guaranteeing an optimal workout every time… for a long time. Learn the dos and don’ts to keep it running smoothly.

Careful assembly is key

How to best take care of your elliptical workout maintenance NordicTrack machine

Start taking care of your elliptical from the moment it’s delivered. Your device will usually come pre-assembled, with some final assembly required: attaching the feet, screwing in the handlebars, and installing the pedals. Pay careful attention to what you’re doing: small errors such as poor mounting, a loose bolt, or a screw placed slightly askew can have a big impact on your elliptical. For example, a poorly screwed part might cause unwanted vibration, leading to further damage. If your elliptical isn’t stable, it will apply unforeseen impact to certain parts, again, leading to greater damage. We understand how you might be impatient and just want to get in your first workout on your elliptical. But please take the time to perform each assembly step with care, meticulously following the assembly manual.

Gentle cleaning

Just as you sweep or vacuum regularly to mitigate dust build-up in your home, you can’t neglect your home fitness device. It, too, is entitled to regular maintenance between your workouts! Use a soft cloth or a feather duster to wipe off excess dust. If you go a while without using your elliptical, cover it. There are covers specifically made for your machine, but any fabric (a large cloth, blanket, etc.) will do just fine.

It’s not the dust, though, that causes the biggest problem. It’s the sweat. If you’re working out properly, you can’t help sweating on your elliptical, where the handlebars and moving handles will naturally accumulate your perspiration. While sweating is good, of course, you don’t want to let it remain on your machine: loaded with mineral salts, sweat can cause damage. Clean it off after use with a sponge slightly dampened with warm water. Better yet, use a wet microfiber cloth, which can best capture and remove the sweat and dirt.

Thorough and regular maintenance checks

maintenance of elliptical machine repair fix restore

If you use a car, a bike or even a lawn mower, you perform (or entrust to a service provider) regular maintenance checks. This is how you ensure your own safety while using the machine – you can rest assured that your vehicle or equipment is working how it’s supposed to. Why would you act any differently with your home fitness device?

Every 3-6 months – depending on the frequency of your use, and the number of people in the home who use your elliptical – you need to perform a maintenance check.

First step: as with any home fitness device, you need to regularly lubricate your elliptical. Follow the instructions in the user’s manual, which specifies which type of lubricant to use and where to apply it. Don’t wait for your machine to start squeaking or creaking before you oil its moving parts.

Next, tighten all the nuts and screws that may have been loosened through frequent use. In particular, check the nuts and bolts you screwed in during your initial assembly. The user’s manual can help you to pinpoint what to check. Again, don’t wait for parts to be visibly loose, or for strange noises or abnormal movements to alert you. Be proactive.

That being said, if you do hear any abnormal noise or feel vibration, try to locate the problem and correct it. If you can’t, contact your elliptical after sales service representative.

In case of prolonged disuse

machine longevity clean fitness equipment unplug ellipitcal

If you’re going away on vacation or a long work trip, or if you’ve had to stop training due to injury or after giving birth, remember to unplug your fitness equipment and/or remove any batteries. It will be ready and waiting for you to start up your workouts again.

To summarise: keep your elliptical at its best. If any part has been broken, cracked or deformed accidentally, get it replaced as soon as possible. Damage to any piece could indeed cause further harm to your fitness equipment.

Take care of your elliptical from the moment you bring it home. It won’t require a lot of time, if you are attentive during each training session. Just as you warm yourself up before a workout, give your elliptical a warm-up, too: wipe it down, and tighten any bolts on your device that may be loose. This is the secret to your machine’s longevity, and a long-time alliance between you and your elliptical!