How to best care for your Fusion CST

To keep your Fusion CST device in perfect working order for as long as possible, take care of it! Here are some tips for properly keeping your CST Fusion in top form.

Periodically check for loose screws

Your Fusion CST, the innovative all-in-one device from NordicTrack, is the perfect machine for both cardio and strength training.

As with any mechanical device, the different screws of your Fusion CST can become loose over time. This is normal: it is due to natural vibrations occurring during use, or even because of small temperature variations. You just need to make sure that these screws don’t remain loose for too long. If they do, your device won’t be in balance and could develop larger problems. To avoid this, simply remember to tighten the screws on your device regularly.

In the event that a part exhibits abnormal wear, change it as soon as possible to prevent it from breaking, and before it causes the deterioration of other parts. To do this, contact NordicTrack Support and provide the exact name of your device, its serial number, and the part number listed in the user’s manual. Don’t worry: our support team will do its best to return your Fusion CST to full operability as soon as possible, so you can resume your cross training.

In case of slack cables

Over time, it can also happen that the cables of your Fusion CST may loosen and thus lose some of their tension. The cables will feel slack before you feel the resistance of the pulleys. This leads to an awkward workout, as the machine jolts continually during your exercises. This happens because you’ll find yourself making a first movement with no resistance as the cable stretches. All at once, then, you’ll get a jolt as the device’s resistance kicks in. Needless to say, these jolts aren’t good for you, or for the machine itself. It’s a problem that must be quickly addressed.

To do this, first remove the rear cover of your device. Next, move the pulleys below the flywheel, so you can tighten the cables. You can find detailed info on how to do this in the user’s manual.

Console display issues

What do you do when suddenly you start seeing weird numbers on your Fusion CST console display that you know aren’t corresponding correctly to your workout activity? Don’t worry: this little malfunction might seem like a big problem, but it’s not as bad as it seems. To get everything back in order, simply adjust the position of a sensor placed on the back of the device, which probably got knocked out of place by some unforeseen impact, or while moving your device.

Once again, you’ll have to disassemble the back cover to access the sensor support. It should then be placed either closer or farther away from the magnet facing it, to reposition it as best as possible and return to normal operation. Find all the details on how to do this in your user’s manual.

The Fusion CST takes care of you. Take care of it!

The Fusion CST is your ally in your goal of getting into better shape: it’s therefore normal that you should take care of it as well. This is essential, because if you let small issues go unaddressed, you can be sure it’ll lead to larger ones.

The solution? Make your Fusion CST’s maintenance part of your warm-up routine. Once a week, take the time during your warm-up to dust off your machine. At each change of season, lubricate the device. And when something’s not working correctly, don’t wait to react.

Imagine you’ve been working out for months with your Fusion CST, and you’re seeing real progress. But then, just when you’re about to reach your goal, it breaks down. Avoid this by keeping your Fusion CST in top condition!

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