Get our tips on how to best start training on your new Fusion CST

The Fusion CST is an innovative, all-in-one home fitness device that will enable you to boost your cardio and develop all the muscles in your body. So, step on and get moving! Wondering where to start, though? Need some direction for putting together a workout that is consistent with your goals? The answer is simple: let it guide you.

Like having a mini-gym at home

The Fusion CST is truly an all-in-one fitness device, drawing its name from the diverse workout possibilities it offers: it’s the fusion of strength training and cardio. With 4 sets of pulleys and nearly 8 feet of cable, silent magnetic resistance and 20 power settings, it provides you with almost unlimited training capabilities: get a full body workout, concentrate on your cardio, or go for a cross training or an endurance training session.

It’s the perfect embodiment of NordicTrack’s “Bring fitness home” philosophy. What other device offers you the opportunity to get a full gym workout right at home?

Looking for more? The Fusion CST enables you to not only work out all of your muscle groups, but also to perform high intensity interval training (HIIT). You can reduce your workout time while getting better results than with a conventional workout.

4 steps to get you started

Even though this innovative device is designed to support all your fitness and health goals, it can be a bit difficult to master at first. How do you optimize your workout on the Fusion CST to ensure it doesn’t end up feeling just like any other workout? Don’t worry: after a little practice, you’ll master the machine and all its accessories.

But before you get going, just review these 4 tips.

Make sure your machine is stabilised

Your machine should stand on a perfectly flat surface. If you have an uneven and/or fragile surface, such as an old wooden floor, place the specially designed tiles under the machine. These tiles provide a cushioning effect, protecting both your surface and the Fusion CST.

Find the best spot for your device

The Fusion CST works all parts of the body through a variety of movements. This means you need to leave sufficient space for your machine: a minimum clearance of 6 feet around the unit.

Check fasteners, cables and pulleys

Before each workout, take a minute to check that your Fusion CST is functioning properly: check for tight cables, freely rotating pulleys, and fastening points (handles, for example) in perfect condition. And remember to regularly perform any needed maintenance on it.

Prepare like you’re at the gym

Before starting, get ready as if you were working out at a gym. Fill up a water bottle and have it nearby. Wear a comfortable outfit: avoid loose-fitting clothing that could get caught in the pulleys. For the same reason, if you have long hair, make sure it’s tied back.

Stick to the programme

The Fusion CST offers infinite training possibilities. That’s not always the best thing – you might not know what to begin with! Fortunately NordicTrack has everything planned. The Fusion CST comes with an integrated tablet with access to a dedicated app.

The app provides coaching that is specifically designed for workouts on your new device. You’ll have the opportunity to train progressively, completing workouts that are adapted to your goals. You’ll get a whole library’s worth of programmes, enabling you to see the right way to perform an exercise on the screen before trying it yourself. In addition to the training catalogue, the Fusion CST even offers you daily access to sessions and “fitness class.”

When you’re new to the machine, it’s best to stick closely to the prescribed programmes. Once you’re comfortable with your Fusion CST, you can branch out and start developing your own routines and exercises..

Have fun!

The day has arrived: you’ve received your new Fusion CST, and now your transformation is set to begin. Give a consistent effort, and don’t forget to smile: take pleasure in your progress, as you get a little more in shape every day. When you find an exercise difficult, don’t see it as a chore but a challenge to accomplish something positive. You’ll be proud of yourself for the effort.

It won’t take long before you start seeing results. You will also feel better. You’ll see how whether you’re looking to get fit, build muscle or increase your stamina, whether you’re getting ready for a sporting event or trying to lose weight, you’ve never been closer to your goal!

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