The Freestride Trainer: your weight loss partner

The 3-in-1 Freestride Trainer home fitness machine can transform into a treadmill, elliptical or stepper according to your needs. You can use it in a variety of ways on different muscle groups to burn calories and lose weight, combining muscle building and cardio training. The result: real weight loss and a trimmer figure, as well as new (and better) habits.

The Freestride Trainer’s many strengths

To effectively lose weight and keep it off, a diet just isn’t enough. You’ll need to combine healthy eating with regular, diligent exercise. Ideally, you want to work your cardio, or take it up a notch and try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): alternating intensive training bursts with active recovery phases. But weight loss should go along with muscle definition. It’s best to combine your cardio sessions with muscle building. That way, you can build a better body, toning the parts that have dropped the fat.

You can accomplish all this without having to purchase multiple home fitness devices. One machine is enough: the Freestride Trainer.

Different sessions, a complete programme

The Freestride Trainer’s unique design enables it to play a variety of roles and partner with you throughout your training programme. It’s a true 3-in-1 device that can alternately be used as a treadmill, elliptical and stepper. It’s also comfortable and full of smart components.

For cardio training, you can use your Freestride Trainer in any mode – elliptical, stepper or treadmill – according to what you feel like doing in the moment. Whatever you choose, keep your sessions short and intense by performing an interval training workout.

Clear? For example, put it in elliptical mode, setting resistance on medium to high according to your level. Then, do one minute of striding as fast as you can, followed by a minute of slow walking to recover. Then repeat these two phases – maximum effort (push it to your absolute limit) and active recovery (continuing onward, but at a slow pace) – for 20-30 minutes.

To get your muscle tone back, you can use your Freestride Trainer either by running on the treadmill or transforming it into an elliptical, thus working your muscles in different ways.

What about building endurance? Try less intense training (no need to force anything) that goes a little longer than your normal session (minimum 45 minutes). One final recommendation: remember to work on your breathing and drink plenty of liquid during whatever sort of training you are performing.

Measuring your transformation: inches or pounds?

Muscle is firmer than fat because it is denser. Two people of identical weight and height could have totally different body types if one is muscular and the other isn’t.

When you start a programme designed to burn fat, it’s a natural tendency to want to weigh yourself regularly to see how many pounds you’ve lost. But you might not see much weight loss at all, even if you notice an improvement in your figure. The reason is simple: you lose fat, but build muscle.

WThis is why coaches and trainers generally prefer to take body measurements of their “students” to evaluate their progress. You can do the same, or even check your progress by trying on that pair of jeans you love but can never seem to fit into. Here’s a simple goal: slip into those jeans again and feel comfortable wearing them. Inches or pounds? It doesn’t really matter.

Your workout assistant: iFit technology

Even if you’ve never owned a home fitness device before, the Freestride Trainer will win you over with its versatility, zero impact comfort, and simplicity of its settings. Above all, though, you’ll appreciate its 32 integrated, coach-designed programmes. If you’re not sure if you’re working out the right way, just try one of the Freestride Trainer workouts.

And if you want to try something new on your Freestride Trainer, don’t worry: it’s compatible with iFit. Simply subscribe to iFit, and customize and download your own workouts by managing your online profile. Your training – and your weight loss – are supported by a coaching technology that knows your needs by heart, and knows how to help you succeed.

It’s often said that losing weight requires motivation. Let the Freestride Trainer motivate you. Versatile, powerful and fun, this innovative device will have you looking at exercise in a totally different way. Forget the situps, pushups and other boring exercises, and learn how to lose weight with NordicTrack. You’ll get results fast, and that will only motivate you more, as you continue to see the positive changes in your figure – a virtuous circle. Are you ready?

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