Cross training: simultaneous bodybuilding and cardio

Cross training, also known as CrossFit, aims to improve all aspects of your athletic ability: strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination and agility. Inspired by weightlifting, fitness, gymnastics and athletics, each cross training session consists of exercises from different disciplines. Above all, it’s an intense, relatively short training programme that delivers fast results. Ready to go?

One WOD per session

Cross training is composed of WODs, which stands for “Workout Of The Day.” WOD is essentially a list of pushing, pulling, jumping and lifting exercises that make up a training programme for the day. WODs last 30 to 40 minutes, from warm-up through final stretches.

A WOD may consist of abdominal crunches, pumps, pulls and lifts – all involving a lot of repetitions with only short breaks between rounds. You then repeat the sequence several times, in the form of a “circuit.” Again, the goal is to keep recovery time between repetitions to an absolute minimum, or even none at all. This is the concept of AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), which is the principle behind HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Multiple benefits and quick results

While working through your cross training programme, you will perform a series of linked exercises demanding muscle strength. This combination of bodybuilding and cardiovascular work is what makes cross training so valuable and exhilarating.

  • In terms of weight loss, results are fast and quickly visible. A study1 conducted on the effectiveness of HIIT concluded that with only 3 20-minute sessions per week, an overweight person achieved belly fat loss comparable to 5 hours of weekly aerobic training. More than that, you’ll feel it. When you properly perform a cross training routine, you’ll feel your muscles pulling and burning. But that’s good. It means they’re working! Better yet, weight loss continues after the session.
  • Regarding your figure, you’ll see cross training reshapes the body, bringing into harmony all of your physical characteristics.
  • Breathing, endurance and even flexibility will all also see fast, visible improvement.

In the end, your entire body and your overall health will see great benefits.

Cross Training or CrossFit ?

Cross training and CrossFit are essentially the same thing. CrossFit, however, is a registered trademark. CrossFit training facilities, known as “boxes,” each pay a rights usage fee to the owner of the CrossFit trademark. On the other hand, cross training is a generic term that can be used in any gym… and even at home!

Multiple ways to practice cross training

Cross training doesn’t require much equipment or space. A jump rope, kettlebells, weights and a pull-up bar are enough to create a workout.

But for more varied exercises, with a difficulty level adapted to your progress and working all your muscles, try the NordicTrack Fusion CST. This revolutionary device was designed specifically for cross training, as it combines strength and cardio. It can work the whole body and is suitable for quick exercises, repeated during short, intense sessions.

The Fusion CST also enables you to conduct your cross training programme while soliciting the advice and encouragement of an iFit-connected coach. Why not get started? If you can find just 3 half hours a week to devote to your fitness and your health, you’ll see results, so you have no excuse! Schedule a session now with the Fusion CST… and start rediscovering your figure and your health.

“HIIT et perte de masse grasse” , sur Sciences du Sport, octobre 2012

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