The 3 (main) advantages of the Incline Trainer

Have you discovered the Incline Trainer yet? NordicTrack’s uniquely designed treadmill can incline up to 40% and decline from -1% to -6%. It offers a new way to work out, with yet unforeseen benefits. Take a moment to learn below about its main advantages. Then, it’s up to you to discover the rest.

1. Prepare for your outdoor runs

The Earth isn’t flat. Hiking trails and outdoor races aren’t, either. When running outside, you usually alternate between climbs and descents. Part of the charm of running outdoors is that succession of configurations that require changes of pace and different movements.

What if you could get the same sensation on a treadmill? That’s now possible, thanks to the Incline Trainer, exclusively from NordicTrack. The Incline Trainer combined with iFit – a cutting-edge, immersive coaching technology – enable you to prepare for your next “real-world” outing. Just select the course of your choice on the iFit web interface. Then, download it on your Incline Trainer treadmill, which will follow it to the exact meter by rising and lowering in real time according to the topography of the chosen course. More than ever, treadmill running has its advantages over outdoor running!

2. Lose more weight, faster

Are you aiming to lose weight and achieve a more slender, more muscular body? The Incline Trainer will become your best ally. The steeper you set the incline, the more calories you’ll burn.

For example, a person weighing 90 kg who simply walks on a flat treadmill for 20 minutes will burn an average of 87 calories. Take that to a 10° incline, and the number goes up to 157. At 40°, it jumps to 381 calories – almost 5 times over flat treadmill walking.

The majority of treadmills on the market today max out around 10°, meaning the Incline Trainer is definitely the more efficient way to to lose weight and get back on track to a healthier you.

3. Develop new muscles

You’ve probably noticed how when you hike in the mountains, you feel pain in different areas than when you’re just walking or running on flat ground. In addition to the common strain on your quadriceps, you’ll feel it in your glutes and calves. This is normal: when you climb hills, you’re putting your body in different positions. It’s a question of running biomechanics: as you climb, you attack the ground much more easily with the front of your foot than with the heel, and you increasingly contract your glutes.

The Incline Trainer enables you to reproduce all possible terrain topographies directly on your treadmill, thus varying your sessions. Moreover, by adjusting the incline during your workout, you’re strengthening your muscles much more completely and dynamically than with a classic treadmill (which, of course, is already helping you to build muscle). So, are you ready to challenge yourself with a powerful hill training session?

More fun, more diverse workouts

We’ve listed 3 benefits here, but this is really only a glimpse of the Incline Trainer’s innumerable assets. With the Incline Trainer, you’ll discover infinite training variations, learn to adjust the incline and decline to walk, run, climb, descend, and work on your stride. You’ll strengthen your muscles and burn more calories than ever before. You’ll find you’re actually having fun on your treadmill when it’s not even moving – set it at a fixed incline and invent static “à la carte” muscle building exercises. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Now, it’s time for you to go deeper and learn more about the Incline Trainer. You’ll find YouTube is a great source full of inspiring videos made by people who have already discovered the Incline Trainer’s benefits. Soon, you’ll be singing its praises yourself in your own online videos!

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