Our 3 areas of expertise


As a home fitness market leader, NordicTrack is recognised for the quality of its equipment as well as its expertise within the industry. We help you to discover how to best train at home, under optimal conditions. We also help to provide you with an even fuller workout experience, our experts respond to your questions before, during and after your session with guides, helpful advice and tutorials divided into three major themes. So feel free to take advantage of our expertise!


You can achieve a lot of different goals when you decide to train at home; getting back in shape, building muscle or preparing for a specific sport or competition. You may be questioning what benefits can you expect to see? How should you choose your equipment? How should you design your training regime?


NordicTrack has the answers you're looking for. Let us share our knowledge with you, so you can discover the best that home fitness has to offer. With our help, we believe you’ll be in for an unforgettable experience.





All training has a dual purpose; sport and health. But sometimes, the health side of training is truly essential. An example can be that after childbirth or a period of sustained inactivity, or when you need to lose weight or keep fit as you get older.


There is an ideal home fitness machine for all your objectives. With our advice, you’ll learn how to select and use each machine to get the best results while maintaining complete safety.





NordicTrack has designed complete ranges of innovative and high-performing machines that optimise your training. With connected technologies, virtual coaching and interactivity, using a NordicTrack device is as comfortable as it is intuitive. We’ve got some tips to help you to get started, and some basic techniques so you better understand (and therefore better use) your equipment. Just follow the guide!