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  • World Class Personal Trainers
  • Trainers Control Your Resistance
  • Strength + Cardio
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FUSION CST: The Ultimate Workout
High-Intensity Strength Meets Cardio
The Right Workout, Every Time
360° Training
Build your muscle definition through high-powered workouts and get the results you want with a custom exercise regimen and professional guidance during your daily routine.

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We’ll Do the Math
By automatically tracking your calorie burn during your muscle-cutting workout, iFit Coach uses Smart technology to customize a meal plan, keeping you on track to reach your goals — no matter your current fitness level. You’ll also find suggestions for appropriate activity levels, workouts, and sleep based on your goals, which are constantly tracked using the included iFit wearable.
More Intense, Less Time
The Fusion of Strength & Cardio
No more choosing between lean strength-focused exercises and high intensity cardio. Both are brought together with varying degrees of fluid resistance and fast, reactive movement. Build strength, stamina, and lean tissue without slowing down and in record time.
Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training

2 Workouts in 1

2 Workouts in 1

io & Strength Training

Cardio & Strength Training

8 Pulley System
Endless Strength Possibilities
Tone your arms, core, legs, and more all on the same muscle-blasting machine with pairs of pulleys at low, mid, and high levels. Switch between strength training, cardio-focused movements, and HIIT moves in one killer workout. Reap the benefits of an entire gym built into one compact system for your home.
SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance
Strong, Fluid Movement
No need to worry about manually adjusting weights or the clanking noise of traditional weight stacks while powering through your total-body workout and toning your physique. SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology and the sleek flywheel provide a smooth, quiet workout.
smr technology

SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance



Portal 10i Tablet
Train with Smart Tech
Follow our professional trainers through high intensity, muscle-recruiting workouts on the included NordicTrack Portal 10i tablet.
10” Tablet

10” Tablet

HD Quality

HD Quality

Heart Rate Monitoring
Stay in the Zone
Experience muscle-toning training during a high-powered cardio workout with the Fusion CST. Track your heart rate directly on the display as you target a specific zone with the included iFit Bluetooth® Smart chest strap†.

Certain instances can hinder an accurate heart rate reading, including your physical characteristics, the type and intensity of your activity, etc.


Watts Meter
Be Your Own Power Plant
See how hard you’re working during your killer workout with an easy-to-read, integrated watts meter. Measuring watts gives you a consistent look at your progress no matter your fitness level.