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Love the World


NordicTrack is committed to preserving the environment with Love the World: a UN certified organisation.


The objective is to actively fight climate change and its consequences by offsetting CO2 emmisions.


Since May 2011, NordicTrack has embarked on an ambitious program of reducing and offsetting othe CO2 emissions generated by the manufacture, marketing, use and recycling of the brand.


Specifically, NordicTrack's Research and Development team is committed to developing products and production methods that use less CO2 emissions in order to limit the impact on the climate. But since it is impossible to achieve zero emissions of CO2, NordicTrack goes further by erasing all traces by fully offsetting its CO2 emissions with Love the World. In one year, 13,000 tons of CO2 that have been destroyed by NordicTrack.





Reduce and Offset


Intended to fight against climate change, carbon offsetting is a simple mechanism to neutralize CO2 emissions with carbon credits. Inspected and certified by international organizations, carbon credits come from the recycling of greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, a ton of CO2 effectively destroyed generates a carbon credit. And CO2 emissions generated by a NordicTrack treadmills are offset by the purchase of an equivalent amount of carbon credits. By its very nature, carbon offsetting is geographically neutral. Any CO2 emissions that are offset in the UK benefit the world.





How do we compensate?


For each unit produced and marketed by Nordic Track, we fund the destruction of an amount of CO2 equivalent to that emitted throughout its life cycle. Our partner, Love the World, is responsible for selecting and monitoring projects from which our carbon credits are gained. These include not just environmental criteria but also social aspects. The 13,000 tons of CO2 destroyed during the last 12 months are from projects that capture and aid recovery of landfill gas in developing countries. The consolidation of these discharges can not only fight against global warming, but also destroy pollution actually detrimental to local populations. For the sake of transparency, the projects in which we invest with Love the World are subject to strict controls and validated by the authority of the UN department in charge of the effective fight against climate change: UNFCCC. Carbon credits that we acquire as proof of our commitment to them as are recorded in a register.


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