What’s the Best Time of the Day to Work Out on your Elliptical

One of the big advantages of having an elliptical at home is that it’s always available for training. But when should you use it – in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening after work? We’ve got the information and common sense advice you need to make the right decision for you.

When shouldn’t you train?

While there’s really no clear-cut, universally ideal time to train, there are undeniably some times or circumstances that are simply not conducive to an elliptical workout. Don’t train when you’re feeling especially fatigued, when you’ve just gotten out of bed, or if it’s either very cold or very hot.

Elliptical training is a great form of exercise, that being said, any sport can lead to injury if you’re not alert enough. For example, you shouldn’t exercise early in the morning unless you’ve first performed a serious and prolonged warm-up. Also, you may want to ensure you have some food in your system before you begin.

Of course, the flip side of this last advice is that you shouldn’t be working out just after a meal, either. Try find a sweet spot to give your body time to digest your food while ensuring you feel as though you have eaten enough to power through your workout.

Aches and pains: your body’s warning signals

Take the necessary time to recover between sessions: wait at least 24 hours, and more in case of an especially intense session. Most importantly, listen to your body.

Aches are a good indicator: other than performing a simple active recovery training session, don’t train when you’re experiencing a lot of aching joints and muscles. Aches can disrupt our flow when we want exercise. It’s therefore logical to wait for them to go away before resuming exercise. If not, you increase your risk of injury, and your performance will suffer, too. But rest assured: the more you progress, the fewer aches you’ll feel.

Not too hot, not too cold

One more thing to consider: your body temperature, which may follow a cycle. It’s because of this you should make sure you are running in the conditions that suit your body the best.

Select a time of day for your session perhaps the morning; allow your body to warm up correctly. We know sometimes people opt for the late night work out, consider any possible implications this may have on your body when you are going to sleep. Physical activity raises your body temperature and can disrupt your sleep.

In summary, the best workout time is when you are able to complete it and one you can get best effort and enjoyment. If you aren’t quite feeling it then be truthful to yourself and begin your session at a more opportune time.

Who knows you best? You do!

Apart from these few basic principles, there are no absolute rules. The best time for you is when you can naturally integrate your workout into your daily routine. You’re a morning person? Train before starting your work day. If you’re more of a nightcrawler, go for a late afternoon workout. In general, find the best compromise between work, time spent with loved ones, your various other commitments, and the time of day when you feel at your best.

Once you know your schedule, identify your ideal workout moment. You’ll find that your body clock will sync up with your chosen workout time. You’ll be more effective, and you’ll make faster progress. And this will kick in a sort of virtuous circle: the more progress you make, the more you’ll be motivated, so you’ll want to train and progress more.

So, hopefully you see now: it’s up to you to figure out when the best moment of the day is for you. And of course, your home fitness device is definitely the best way to help you to optimize your training schedule over the long term, because you don’t have to go anywhere to get your workout in! A home elliptical machine will always be available. You just need to choose a reliable, legitimate brand. NordicTrack offers you a complete range of quality devices, along with advice and training programmes. So don’t put off for tomorrow what you can start today. Right now, get out your schedule planner and book yourself some time for your home fitness training.