iFIT Bluetooth-compatible treadmills: what are the benefits?

With integrated iFit Bluetooth technology, your treadmill transforms into your personal coach. You can access hundreds of video workouts, track your progress while you train, get personalised nutrition tips, and more.

Keep track of your performance, everywhere and always

Whether you want to lose weight or prepare for a sporting event, iFit may be the best way to effectively train. All NordicTrack brand treadmills are compatible with iFit by Bluetooth. This means that you can pair your treadmill with your tablet or smartphone to take advantage of all that iFit can offer. Some models even integrate iFit directly into their consoles. This gives you the chance to complete one of the app’s specific training programmes, while recording your performance on your iFit account. You can thus build a consistent series of workout programmes customised to your level, helping you reach your goals as you keep track of your performance and progress in real time, day after day.

But don’t think that you’re limited to simply exercising on your home fitness device. With iFit, you can analyse all of your physical activity. You can also watch training videos on the app, learning how to best complement your cardio with muscle building sessions, for example. By adding an iFit bracelet or smartwatch, you can even track the number of steps you’ve taken, monitor variations in your heart rate, see how many calories you burn per day, and more. Even when traveling and without access to your NordicTrack treadmill, you can still monitor your physical activity and stay on track!

Sleep and eat better to improve your performance

iFit doesn’t just give you training advice: its intelligent coaching takes into account all the factors that are key to your physical preparation. iFit also offers personalised advice from nutritionists who can help you to develop a nutritional programme in line with your training goals. In addition, you can receive simple recipes and software tutorials.

But what about sleep patterns? iFit sleep experts help you to optimise your sleep through the use of a patented sleep tracker. They analyse data collected and offer recommendations. With iFit connected bracelets, every morning you get a detailed analysis of your night.

Where in the world are you going to run today?

More than anything among the suite of iFit technology offers, iFit video workouts are the go-to tool that will maximise your treadmill workout. Just install your tablet onto the treadmill support and go! IFit’s online platform gives you access to hundreds of video tracks tailored to NordicTrack treadmills. You’ll be able to virtually work out with a topnotch coach during a session adapted to your programme. During your workout, your treadmill will adapt seamlessly to changes in speed or incline. Do you prefer to get away from it all? No worries: iFit offers trails around the world, and you’ll feel like you’re there, thanks to Google Maps.

With a connected treadmill, it’s so much easier to achieve your goals: weight loss, muscle building, improving your cardio, etc. Your treadmill and iFit technology work in tandem to assist you according to your level of fitness and your particular mood. So, come meet your new coach!

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