Do exercise bikes help you lose weight fast?

You need to work out if you want to lose weight. If you want to work out at home, you’ve got several excellent choices: elliptical, treadmill and rowing machine. But don’t forget the exercise bike, which has its own unique advantages and may just be the right one for you!

Slimming down at home: a matter of rhythm

Anytime you use your muscles, you burn calories. At the same time, when you lose weight, your body will consequently seek to increase the amount of calories it consumes. So, it’s more than just which home fitness device you decide on: you also need to focus on how you work out. One way to stimulate your body’s ability to slim down is through intensive training session. An even better way is through workouts that alternate bursts of high-intensity exercise with active recovery periods.

All that being said, why use an exercise bike over an elliptical, treadmill, rower or stepper? Here are 7 perfect arguments in favor of the exercise bike.

7 reasons to make an exercise bike your body-slimming friend

It’s the most user-friendly home fitness device

Of all home fitness devices, the exercise bike is the easiest to use. It’s nearly impossible to get hurt or have bad posture on an exercise bike. Just get on and start pedaling. A bike is a great way to get back into an exercise routine after being shut down due to injury. It offers both cardio training and muscle building. All you need to do is get used to the rhythm of pedaling, set your resistance level where you want it, and put together a training schedule to meet your objectives.

Warming up is easy

Before exercising, you need to warm up. This is simple with an exercise bike. Just set the bike to low resistance and start with 15 minutes of moderate pedaling. Once you’ve sufficiently loosened up your muscles and joints, move up a gear.

It’s easy on your joints

Joints are fragile. When we get older, they can cause pain or get stiffer if we don’t take care of them, especially when performing athletic activity. With many sports, frequent impact is just part of the game. Each impact is a small shock to the joints, in particular those in the legs. But this isn’t an issue on an exercise bike: you perform smooth, impact-free movements on a bike, and your body weight rests directly on the seat. Anyone can use an exercise bike, even people recovering from injury, or people who are overweight. And that weight is going to go away if you regularly use your exercise bike!

Opt for comfort…

The exercise bike is the only fitness machine to come in a “comfort” version: the recumbent bike. Its seat comes with a backrest, so you sit in a semi-reclined position. It’s ideal for endurance work, and is particularly useful to people with equilibrium issues or back problems, as well as people who are significantly overweight or getting back into shape after an injury.

…or race to win

Within the exercise bike category is the racing bike, which is built for the serious athlete. You take up the same position on these bikes as you do on a road bike: leaning on the handlebars. (It’s therefore not recommended if you suffer from back pain.) If you’re a cyclist and want the same experience on your exercise bike as on your road bike – like pedaling from a standing position – the racing bike is for you. It’s also perfect for interval workouts, which help with weight loss.

It fits in tight spaces

The exercise bike is one of the most compact home fitness machines (an exception being recumbent bikes). It is thus the easiest to store in a small living space. Some models are even collapsible, and many have wheels to make them easier to move out of the way after your workout is done.

It goes well with… whatever you want!

Regularity is the key to successful training, especially when you want to lose weight. You know that if you stop working out and watching what you eat, that weight is going to come back quickly. The exercise bike offers you the perfect way to make sure you stay motivated: you can work out on the bike while you do something else at the same time. Pedal away while you listen to music, watch a movie or TV show, or surf the Net on your tablet.

Optimise your experience by choosing a quality device, one whose design has been conceived to enable you to engage in your favorite leisure activity while working out. NordicTrack exercise bikes are all designed with this in mind. Nordictrack’s heavy flywheel and ergonomic seat guarantee a high level of user comfort. They are silent, so they don’t distract from your music or movie. They offer a wide range of resistance with adjustment precision.

And there are a lot of models – from classic to recumbent to racing – to choose from within NordicTrack’s range of offers. You’re sure to find the bike that seems to have been made just for you and will help you lose those extra pounds. Over the weeks you will see your pounds melt away, your abs take shape, and your legs develop more tone. Ready to start the transformation?

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